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ACOE is one of the fastest growing independent professional teachers’ organizations in Alabama. From every area in the state, ACOE has members joining and making a positive impact on the education profession. As a member, you receive great professional liability insurance, discounts, support and much more for only $189.00 per membership year. ACOE also has payroll deduction in many systems. We hope to see you as a member soon.

Our Mission:

The Alabama Conference of Educators (ACOE) is a member-driven, statewide, professional teachers association formed for the following purposes:
•to create a focus on excellence in education in Alabama’s schools;
•to encourage, foster, and facilitate new and innovative professional development strategies and opportunities for Alabama’s school teachers;
•to advance the recognition of teachers as career professionals.

What We Believe:

We are, by choice and by calling, professional educators first and foremost.

Our students are our primary concern.

We resist identification with partisan politics or religious agendas and focus on key educational issues and concerns directly affecting student learning.

We stand for positive, student-centered, and results-oriented workplace environments in our schools and we encourage a cooperative team spirit among teachers, administrators, and parents.

As professional educators, we affirm our commitment to maintaining the highest expectations of excellence from ourselves, from our peers, and from our places of learning.