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ACOE is Alabama's professional education association, dedicated to improving instruction, providing substantive professional learning, and assisting in helping educators reach their full potential. ACOE's dues are $189 a year. If you have any questions, please call 1-866-266-2263.

We're passionate about helping teachers improve their teaching profession, creating EXCELLENCE IN ALABAMA EDUCATION.

"ACOE was Created by Alabama Teachers for Alabama Teachers and Support Staff." Join one of Alabama's fastest growing education association today.

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  • ACOE membership fees include up to $1 Million Professional Educators LIABILITY INSURANCE and LEGAL ASSISTANCE for covered education related legal cases
  • ACOE SAVES our members about $300 per year on membership fees as our fees are only $189 per year or $15.75 per month
  • ACOE believes teachers & support staff should have a CHOICE in the professional organization to which they belong
  • ACOE believes teachers & support staff should have a CHOICE in the politicians/political parties they may or may not want to support
  • ACOE believes teachers & support staff should have a CHOICE in the charities, agendas, or PACs they may or may not want to support
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The Alabama Conference Of Educators (ACOE) exists to help teachers and support staff help students by encouraging lifelong learning, providing professional growth opportunities, and recognizing and rewarding excellence in teaching and learning.



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