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About ACOE

1) PRESIDENT: ACOE’s President is a certified Alabama educator with many years of experience teaching in Alabama and is centrally located in the Birmingham area.
2) BOARD OF DIRECTORS: At least seventy five percent (75%) of the voting members of the Board of Directors shall hold or have held, in good standing, an Alabama Teaching Certificate, with real-world, hands-on classroom experiences influencing ACOE’s policies, decisions, and priorities.
3) 100% ALABAMA-BASED: ACOE is, without exception, 100% Alabama-based, Alabama-governed, Alabama-focused, and Alabama-accountable. Every time one of our members dials ACOE headquarters, the telephone rings in Alabama and is answered by an Alabamian.
4) CONSISTENT AND REASONABLE DUES: ACOE’s membership dues are consistent and predictable… and they do not fluctuate up and down from one year to the next due to outside influences or circumstances.
Because ACOE has no bureaucracy to subsidize, ACOE’s membership dues are not bloated, nor are they unreasonable, nor do they keep trickling upwards year after year.
Nearly one-third of each member’s annual dues of $189 go directly to cover the actual cost of his or her liability insurance policy’s premium for the year.
5) DUES STAY IN ALABAMA: ACOE Membership dues are never routed, directly or indirectly, to any out-of-state organization(s) other than the U.S. Government.
6) NO SPECIAL “ADD-ON” ASSESSMENTS: ACOE never levies “special assessments” over and above its published annual dues from its dues-paying members.
7) LIABILITY INSURANCE: ACOE members participate in an outstanding educators liability insurance policy underwritten by a Carrier rated A+ by A.M. Best.
8) LEGAL RESOURCE NETWORK: Across Alabama, attorneys comprise ACOE’s growing legal resources network. ACOE’s lead attorney is located in Montgomery.
9) ALABAMA ATTORNEYS: Whenever ACOE refers one of its members to an attorney for help in dealing with a matter covered by legal assistance, the member will always be referred to an Alabama attorney who is a member in good standing of the Alabama Bar.
10) OUTSTANDING TEACHERS: ACOE attracts many of Alabama’s finest teachers from all across the state. We are proud to have teachers with experience from the range of first year teacher all the way to teachers with more than 31 years of experience.
11) DISTRICT COORDINATORS: An ever growing number of District Coordinators serve as key points of contact in school districts across Alabama and more are being added regularly.
12) STUDENT FOCUSED: Our students are our primary concern… not some of the time… not most of the time… but all of the time.
13) NON PARTISAN: ACOE does not redistribute member dues, directly or indirectly, to political parties and/or candidates.
14) EDUCATION DRIVEN: ACOE does not promote or spend member dues, directly or indirectly, on non-educational programs or activities.
ACOE is not another organized labor group or labor union for teachers.
ACOE is a full-fledged professional association in organizational structure and legal standing as well as in name.
ACOE’s leaders are committed to building a strong, active, and viable professional teachers association in Alabama which we fully expect will eventually impact our home state on numerous fronts and in significant ways.