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1.  How long has ACOE been in existence? ACOE was created in 2001 as a 501c6 Professional  Organization (not a 501c5 Labor Union). Many of our current members have been  ACOE members since 2001.

2. Is ACOE a part of any national organization? No, ACOE is strictly an Alabama  organization. ACOE is not a part of any national organization and does not  contribute any funds to any national organization, political party, candidate,  PAC, agenda or charity.

3. Are coaches and support staff personnel eligible for  membership, and are they covered by the ACOE Liability Insurance and Attorney  Fee Coverage benefits? YES!  Coaches, teachers, teacher aides, nurses, custodians, bus drivers,  paraprofessionals, counselors, and student teachers can join ACOE and are  covered under ACOE’s Professional Educators Liability Insurance and Attorney Fee  Coverage benefits.

4. When I join ACOE, do I have to choose between Coverage A, B, and C  insurance benefits? No, ACOE  membership fees include Insurance Coverage A, B, and C.

5. Where are ACOE attorneys located? ACOE attorneys handling employment related,  criminal/and or sexual misconduct cases (under Part B of the policy) are  resident Alabama based attorneys. They are located in different cities across  the state.

6.  Are ACOE members required to pay attorney fees up-front and then get reimbursed? NO! An ACOE member may assign  benefits to an attorney for covered claims (under Part B of the policy). The  Company is thereby authorized to pay the attorney directly, so the member will  not incur out of pocket or up front expense.

7.  Are ACOE’s Liability Insurance and Attorney Fee Coverage benefits part of an  insurance policy or are they a combination of an insurance policy and a trust  fund? ACOE’s Liability Insurance  and Attorney Fee Coverage benefits are part of our insurance policy and are not  subject to committee approval as are parts of other organization’s coverage that  consists of an insurance policy and a trust fund.

8. Is  ACOE’s $1 Million Liability Insurance coverage reduced for liability cases  involving the violation of someone’s civil rights? NO, ACOE’s $1 Million Liability coverage IS NOT  reduced for issues involving Civil Rights violations as in some organization’s  policies. Furthermore, under ACOE’s policy, defense costs are in addition to the  $1 Million coverage for civil rights cases and are not included in the $ 1  Million limit.

9.  Does ACOE offer discount programs? It is important to remember that Educators get an  immediate discount of almost $300 in their membership fees when they join  ACOE as compared to membership fees in other organizations (without having to  buy anything else in order to save). We have negotiated some discount programs  for our members and we are working on some additional ones. Additionally,  several of the discounts that other organizations advertise as member benefits  are available to ANY educator in Alabama (AT&T Mobile, Verizon Mobile, Office  Depot, Office Max, Staples, etc). Visit our discount information page by CLICKING HERE for more details.

10.  How true is the information contained on some comparison charts other  organizations have distributed comparing themselves with ACOE? The charts we have seen contain misleading  information about ACOE. Some information on charts provided by representatives  of a competing organization even contradicts the organization’s own official  member guide. ACOE strives to be positive in our approach and truthful in our  communications.

11. How do I cancel my membership in another organization? CLICK HERE

This brief discussion is to provide information only to members  and potential members and in no way alters or modifies the insurance policy on  file with the Association.