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Recruiting Materials

For information on how to earn a free membership, click here. Listed below are several printable documents to help assist you in your recruiting efforts.

ACOE has payroll deduction in many school systems in Alabama. Please visit this ACOE Application Link for a current list of systems offering payroll deduction to ACOE members. If your system is listed and you would like to pay your membership fees by payroll deduction, please complete the payroll deduction form and send : 1 copy to your payroll department, 1 copy to ACOE at the address on the form, and keep 1 copy for your records. Please note that it is not the responsibility of your payroll department to send ACOE’s copy to us, it is your responsibility and your membership is not active until we receive a copy of the payroll deduction form. Please be aware of the rules in your system regarding when they will and will not accept additions to payroll deduction.

Use only ONE of either form A or form B if not registering online.

A: Payroll Deduction Form (Make sure your system accepts ACOE’s Payroll Deduction forms. Click Here for a list of systems offering ACOE payroll deduction).

B: Printable Mail-in Application (You can select Pay by Check, Bank Draft, or Credit Card with this option).