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Get Your Membership Dues Reimbursed

ACOE believes that our members should be able to keep as much of their hard earned money as they can. That is one reason we have developed the Dues Reimbursement Program (DRP). It is a simple way for our members to save up to 100% of their membership dues. For a list of printable materials to help you in your recruiting efforts CLICK HERE.

2017/2018 Recruiting Program

In light of the outstanding results in membership growth that we experienced for the past several years, and the excitement many of you have expressed about receiving your recruiting incentive check, the ACOE Board of Directors has approved repeating the membership drive program for the 2017/2018 school year—effective immediately.

To avoid any misunderstandings concerning recruiting incentives, below are the guidelines for the 2017/2018 school year. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Terry Slone at .

Recruiting Incentive Guidelines:

1. Members who recruit 1 new member will receive a 50% Reimbursement of their membership fees.

2. Members who recruit 2 new members will receive a 100% Reimbursement of their membership fees.

3. Members who recruit more than 2 new members will receive $20 for each additional new member after the first 2.

4. Non-Members who recruit new members will receive $40 for each recruit. Non-Member’s name must be listed on the “I was referred by” line of the membership application or payroll deduction form.

5. To receive credit for new recruits, the new recruit MUST list the name of ONE person only (member or non-member) who recruited them on the “I was referred by” line of the membership application or payroll deduction form. No other form of notification will be accepted.

6. Recruiting credit cannot be split among more than one person. If multiple persons are listed on the “I was referred by” line, ACOE will choose which person will receive credit.

7. Non-Members who recruit MUST contact Terry Slone at and provide their name and address.

8. Credit will not be given for recruiting current members or anyone who was a member in the school year.

9. Credit will not be given for recruiting current members who are transferring to a different school or school system.

10. Two individuals cannot recruit each other—only one will be given credit.

11. Incentives will not be paid for recruiting Student Teacher Members as Student Teacher Membership fees are only $25.

12. An ACOE Student Teacher Member who joins as a Certificated Educator, in the year immediately following the year they were a Student Teacher Member, will receive a 50% discount on their first year’s membership fees and will not count as a recruit for anyone for reimbursement purposes.

13. Recruiting Incentives will not be paid simply because someone submitted an application; the recruit must be a member of ACOE at the time incentive checks are issued. As an example, if a member recruits a new member and sends in the membership application but the new recruit subsequently resigns before the September 15th deadline, incentives will not be paid as the new recruit must remain an ACOE member for an entire school year cycle before incentives will be paid.

14. Recruiting Incentives will not be paid to members (paying by annual check or credit card) who have not paid their dues for the current school year in full, OR whose bank drafts or payroll deduction payments have not begun as of November 1st (if paying by bank draft or payroll deduction). In other words, a member cannot earn a refund of dues they haven’t paid.

15. Recruiting Incentives earned on new members who joined after January during the current school year will be prorated based upon the prorated membership fees paid unless the new member remains a member for the current school year (in which case the full recruiting incentives will be paid).

16. Reimbursement and incentive checks will be processed and mailed to the address we have on file in late November / early December. Please make sure that you have communicated any address changes with us.

17. ALL MEMBERS should verify their personal demographic information that is e-mailed to EVERY member in late summer each year, to include name, address, home e-mail address and phone numbers, school, etc. IF YOU DID NOT receive an electronic Welcome Back packet in September, we probably do not have your correct email address—those who did not receive their packet should contact ACOE at or call our office at 866-266-2263, and provide your correct email address and other demographic information so that we have your correct address to mail incentive checks.

18.Recruiting should be done on member’s own time and not on school time and not using school system resources or supplies. Some systems do not allow ACOE members to use school e-mail systems for recruiting purposes. Please make sure that you follow your school system’s policies.