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Cancelling Membership in Another Organization

Recommendations for cancelling membership in AEA:

  • Send written cancellations (we recommend that you mail NO LATER THAN 9/12/2017) to both
    1. Alabama Education Association, Membership Department, P.O. Box 4177, Montgomery, AL 36103-4177 AND,
    2. To your local Uni-Serve Director. Also call this number, 1-800-392-5839 Ext. 1614
  • Send both via certified mail with return receipt requested so that you will have proof they received your notices before the deadline.
  • Include your full name, AEA # or SS#, home address, and work location.
  • Instruct them to cancel your membership and stop all bank drafts immediately (or the date you select). You DO NOT have to give a reason for your cancellation, only that you chose to cancel–they may ask but you don’t have to answer. Note: After September 15th, they will not stop bank drafts until after the draft has processed the following August.
  • Sign and date the notice, keep a copy of the signed and dated form for your files, and make a note (on the copy that you keep) of the date you mailed the cancellation.
  • They must receive and process your notice BY SEPTEMBER 15th or it will not be processed until September 1st of the following year (per the current AEA Bank Draft form).


Recommendations for cancelling membership in AFT:

  • If you are paying AFT dues through payroll deduction–please check with your payroll department for instructions on how to cancel AFT membership in your system. Some payroll departments require you to notify them by a certain deadline while other systems require you to notify AFT. As a general rule the deadline is September 15th, but you need to know and adhere to the instructions and deadline for cancelling AFT membership in your system and ensure that you submit your cancellation prior to that deadline.
  • If you are paying AFT dues through any other method, check with AFT for their cancellation instructions.
  • You DO NOT have to give a reason for your cancellation–only that you chose to cancel.